Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Cadillac of Poop

All poop is not created equal.

For example, I would rather clean up horse poop every day than dog poop once a week. There is something really beyond nasty about dog poop. It's smelly, it's ugly, and if you get it on your shoe it's next to impossible to get all the way off again.

Horse poop, though it's a long way from being pleasant (depending on who you ask), is at least not unpleasant.

Horse poop doesn't carry diseases. It doesn't have that same, offensive odor that carnivore poop has. Sure it attracts flies, but all poop attracts flies.

Of course, a dog doesn't produce a ton of poop in less than six weeks, either, so I suppose you have to balance all of those pluses with that one very huge minus.

Even so, I say horse poop is the Cadillac of Poop. It has many luxuries other poop doesn't possess--it is relatively inoffensive, it can be used as fertilizer, it breaks down quickly and it's safe to work around and yes, e-gads, even to handle.

And it's big, just like a Cadillac.

--Becki Bell
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